Thursday, January 12, 2017

Monday saturday and thursday night football

Now i’m going to talk about Monday Saturday and Thursday night football. The first game I will be talking about is the first Thursday night football game which is the Jets vs the bills. Me being a jets fan i wanted to do this. Anyways last time these teams played the bills beat the jets 22-17 which knocked the jets out of the playoffs. But this time it was different the Jets played great the score was 37-31 the Jets defense didn’t play to well but the offence played very well. I wish they played like this the whole season Matt Forte’s second start on the jets was something to proud of with exactly 100 rushing yards and 3 rushing Touchdowns! And Ryan Fitzpatrick played very good going 24 for 34 and throwing 374 Yards and a Touchdown pass and 21 yards rushing. Eric Decker who wasn’t hurt this game got six receptions for 126 yards and 1 Touchdown catch. Brandon Marshall had 6 receptions for 101 yards. Not too shabby if you ask me.


This year the playoffs will be great Here's how it looks in the AFC Patriots (1) chiefs (2) Steelers (3) Texans (4) Raiders (5) Dolphins (6)  Here’s the NFC Cowboys (1) Falcons (2) Seahawks (3) Packers (4) Giants (5) Lions (6) there's the Teams in the playoffs in their seed. Since the wild card is over I’m going to talk about the games but petty briefly because all the games where a blowout and all wild cards got knocked out but first was Raiders vs Texans the final score of 14-27 it was not a very good game some things came out of it it showed Brock Osweiler wanted to put a good standing after he sat the bench and Clowney showed he he’s a good backup for JJ Watt. Another good game was giants vs packers well… not a good game but good compared to the others but what was expected to be grate packers won big time wasn’t too entertaining it was 38-13 but something that was huge was Jordy Nelson fractured his ribs and is questionable but that's it.


Today I will talk about the rookies this year. Honestly this year has been filled with outstanding Rookies and some of them have been big surprises. I will be talking about them today first I will obviously be talking about Ezekiel Elliott he has easily been the best Rookie this season and there's possibilities that he will be the MVP but it's not going to happen for a first year rookie no way! I think it will be Aaron Rodgers but there's always a chance that Ezekiel Elliot will be the MVP. Here’s his numbers from the 2016-2017 regular season at yards of 1631 an average of 5.1 yards per run 15 touchdowns and 32 rec. But enough about him. Now I will talk about Carson Wentz Picked number 2 in the first round he hasn’t done good but as a first year rookie and I’m sure he will get better his’s his stats cmp% 62.2 yards 3,782 touchdowns 16 Interceptions 14 rating 79.3.

Fantasy Football

This something I love and most of the time I know who you should start and it should be a very entertaining part of my blog. I can’t say who to start this week because the season is over but Since the season is over i'll do number 1 pick in 2017 for fantasy football. Now i’ll get into number 1 pick this season I’d probably pick Ezekiel Elliott Behind his amazing offensive line and a year of experience and a year of playoff experience under his belt he will be worth a number 1 pick but it’s not definite that he the right choice there people like David Johnson who had an amazing year and there’s always Antonio Brown who’s usually number 1 pick but this year there's been a lot of players who stand out in his way and your 2017 draft and people might put these players in front of him.


I will talk about this week of games I will talk about week 15. First game I will talk about the green bay packers versus the Chicago bears. The game was close well very, at one point the game was 27.10 Packers. But a big comeback came by the bears. Help from Howard, Jeffrey and a field goal from Barth the game was 27,27 With about 30 seconds to go Chicago bears probably thought they were going to overtime and had the momentum but that's not what happen, Aaron Rodgers threw a 60 yard bomb! To Jordy Nelson they got down the field and spiked the ball and Crosby kicked a field goal for the win. Another game was the Raiders vs Chargers What was thought to be a blowout actually was close. At one point of the game it was 13,16 Chargers!. Murray who was expected to have amazing game didn’t play so well with 81 yards and a fumble but even tho the run game was horrendous Raiders came on top 19,16.